2012-02-27 23:14:55 by Wyldbob117

It is in-SANE how I never come on here anymore. Ah well, been busy with Minecraft, Starcraft, and general screwing around :P

Haven't been on NG in a while, which is saying something considering how it's my home page... ahh facebook, you evil soul stealing bastard. Well facebook and anime, anyway, college is going.... college-y (honestly I have no idea if it's good or bad yet) and life is going terrible right now.

Ever notice how when you plan for a day to be good, it get's utterly wrecked? Well that happened, and it didn't just get wrecked, it got Life-Alteringly De-fuckin-stroyed. Lots of hyphens in there I know but stay with me here people (all one of you)

With all this crap going on I haven't been working on the game very much..... okay at all, but I promise it WILL get done... eventually. After I get far enough that I'm happy I'll see about posting a bit of a demo here.

In totally unrelated news, I tried throwing out a Audio track for my friend a couple days back, no word from NG as to what happened to that. Although to be honest I didn't expect much after my question about the site's RSS feeds went unanswered. Yay free site's!

And in even MOAR unrelated news, there was an earthquake the other day here in PA... which if you didn't know is odd as a cow doing La Coo Coo Racha on Sunday (madness I tell you, we all know it's only on a Thursday at 2 am) luckily here we were barely shaken, some never felt it, but apparently it was much MUCH worse elsewhere. Virginia I think, idk, been worried about ME, no offense to them people, they'd prolly do the same if it were reversed.

Anyway, this is carrying on quiet a bit for something that will likely never be read, so imma finish on a strong note by saying Good bye everyone, here's to hoping I don't kill myself!

God damn Dell

2011-05-29 16:36:58 by Wyldbob117

AHRGHGHGRHRGRHRGH!!!!!!!!! FUCK! Well, my lil headphone jack broke (because it was an expensive piece of hardware that was near my friend with a reputation for these things) and I just contacted DELL and they said it's gunna take 10-14 days from AFTER I ship it too them.... FOR A GOD DAMN HEADPHONE JACK! So in two or three days you all won't see me for a while.... fun...

Hey guys I started to upload!

2011-03-08 20:15:47 by Wyldbob117

As the title says, I've started to upload! I'm also up for ideas for simmilar art, and I will be uploading a Flash pretty soon that was to go to the PA Computer Fair, but we didn't finish by the due date, so we'll take our time, spruce it up, and submit it here, and if ya all like it, we'll make more. Be kind on the reviews too, I AM just getting started, hopefully you won't have to be critical :P

That last post.

2010-12-30 15:28:17 by Wyldbob117

Ok that last post was a lil weird but it was because they changed God_Fearing among other things to something totally different. It was a lil fanatic I know but it pissed me off.

Edit: Also wanted to say I might be submitting a couple basic flash games sometime soon. Although I suspect they will be failures, and unoriginal, imma try anyway.


2009-04-02 01:39:33 by Wyldbob117

I just Posted and this is F-ed UP. THEY CHANGED THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT THE H E 1 1!! I have to spell it stup id so it stayes the same. the changed g 0 D fearing to i dont even know!!! ME K I 1 1 S0ME 0NE N0W!!!! I DONT KNOW WHOS IDEA THIS WAS BUT THEY WILL PA Y!!!!!